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What’s New

Better Shirts

This year has seen the most growth by far.  Sure sales have increased, but the company has evolved in many ways.  We’re 15 years in and are making choices to improve quality of life for everyone.  Every decision has been made with the end result in mind, our shirts.

Better Ingredients, Better Pizza… I mean T-Shirts

I’m a firm believer there is always room for improvement, so I’m in search of the next best thing.  Recently one of our manufacturers released a new ink system that dramatically improves quality.  It checks all the boxes, brighter – check, softer – check, better for the environment – check, accurate color matching – check.  It’s all there, and I just had to have it.

Changing all of the inks you’ve grown accustomed to through the years is no small adjustment.   We have literally hundreds of custom colors that needed to be switched out.  Mixing these inks have taken countless hours through the years and are now being scrapped.  This is all in pursuit to offer a better shirt.

We’re currently four months in and the changeover is almost complete.  Our prints are brighter than ever before, softer and all around better.  It’s an exciting time to be a t-shirt at Charm City Screen Print!

Quality of Life Improvements

Due to the nature of screen printing, the work conditions can be less than favorable.  to be continued….


“I’ll only print at Charm City. This is an old school, honest, blue collar shop. Their equipment is up to date and they have broad capabilities. The people and service are the best. But the quality of the work is what keeps me coming back.”

James Cumbie