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Better Shirts

Better Shirts

This year has seen the most growth by far.  Sure sales have increased, but the company has evolved in many ways.  We’re 15 years in and are making choices to improve quality of life for everyone.  Every decision has been made with the end result in mind, our shirts.

Better Ingredients, Better Pizza… I mean T-Shirts

I’m a firm believer there is always room for improvement.  I’m constantly in search of the next best thing.  Recently one of our manufacturers released a new ink system that dramatically improves quality.  It checks all the boxes, brighter, softer, better for the environment, accurate color matching.  It’s all there, and I just had to have it.

Changing all of the inks you’ve grown accustomed to through the years is no small adjustment.   We literally have hundreds of custom colors that need to be switched out.  Mixing these inks have taken countless hours through the years and are now being scrapped.  This is all in pursuit to offer a better shirt.

We’re currently four months in and the changeover is almost complete.  Our prints are brighter, softer and all around better.  It’s an exciting time to be a t-shirt at Charm City Screen Print!

Quality of Life Improvements

Due to the nature of screen printing, the work conditions can be less than favorable.  The two main factors are Heat and Chemicals.  To combat the heat we’ve installed AC in our open air shop.  At first it seemed like a terrible idea.  We operate with the doors open for better airflow, why would we run AC?  To make our printers work life more palatable!  Admittedly it’s not a perfect solution, but it knocks the humidity down and is cooler at each station.  On those hot humid Maryland days we are much more productive, so it’s money well spent.

The second Improvement we’ve recently made is in the screen room.  We’ve purchased a machine that does the dirty work for us.  No longer are we cleaning by hand or working direct with harsh chemicals.  This was another large investment made for the purpose of improving the workspace for our employees.

In the end the better we can make our work environment, the happier our employees will be.  The result is better shirts for our customers!  The proof is in the pudding.  Visit our instagram and compare with the competition!

Check out some of our Favorites!

Check out some of my favorite items by clicking the links below.

  1. Gildan G200 – Basic tee, perfect tee for a large variety of body types.  One of the most popular shirts in the world

2. Next Level CVC – Soft blended shirt.  Fitted and available in many different colors

3. Independent Hoodie – One of the finest hoodies around.  These guys know how to make a great sweatshirt.


“Great customer service and great quality products. I ordered close to 200 shirts for my small business and I could not be more pleased.”

Corey Hall