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Build Your Brand with Custom Apparel: Tips for Small Businesses.

Build Your Brand with Custom Apparel: Tips for Small Businesses.

In today’s market, it’s important for small businesses to build a recognizable brand. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through custom apparel. This boosts brand visibility and creates a sense of professionalism within your team.

Why Custom Apparel Matters

Custom apparel acts as a walking advertisement for your brand. Spread awareness by having employees wear custom apparel. Moreover, it can instill pride and loyalty, turning employees into brand ambassadors.

Practical Tips for Designing and Ordering

  1. Identify Your Brand’s Identity:
    • Reflect your brand’s colors, logo, and message in the design.
    • Ensure consistency across all apparel items.
  2. Choose Quality Materials:
    • Opt for durable, comfortable fabrics.
    • Consider eco-friendly options to appeal to environmentally conscious customers.
  3. Choose the BEST Screen Printers In Town:
    • Choose Charm City Screen Print to print your brand’s custom apparel.
    • Speak with your sales rep to get the best quality product.
  4. Create Eye-Catching Designs:
    • Use professional design tools or hire a designer.
    • Keep the design simple but impactful.

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Success Stories

Many small businesses have leveraged custom apparel to boost their brand.

Here are a few examples:

Kaidio: A Hawaiian Success Story

Aloha! We are Sheena Kaiulani Luaehu-Lyons and Jon Diodato, owners of Kaidio. We started Kaidio to share our love for the ocean and beach lifestyle. The name Kaidio means Sea/God in Hawaiian/Italian, reflecting our heritage.

Our custom Kaidio apparel is designed for comfort and versatility, featuring signature pieces embroidered locally in Honolulu. This custom apparel has helped build our brand by connecting us with customers who share our passion for the ocean and beach lifestyle.

As an eco-conscious company, we donate portions of our sales to support marine wildlife conservancy, coral reef restoration, and sustainable tourism in Hawaii.

Embrace the ocean lifestyle with Kaidio!



Battlegang: Driven by Passion, United by Apparel

Battlegang is an international automotive community and streetwear brand that represents the hard work, dedication, and hustle behind every quality build. Established in Baltimore, MD in 2015 by Eric Kimball, Battlegang originated in the stance community and now embraces all types of well-built machines—from lifted trucks and drift cars to drag racers, off-road vehicles, and motorcycles.

“Quality goods and even better people! Creating a new standard. Welcome to Gangland.”

Custom apparel has been key to building their brand, allowing members to showcase their passion and unite under a shared identity. Battlegang provides a space for enthusiasts to interact and make lifelong friends from around the world.



Investing in custom apparel can greatly contribute to your brand’s growth. If you are looking to help your business or brand soar, then reach out to Charm City Screen Print today.

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