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Charm City vs Custom Ink

Charm City vs Custom Ink

Us vs Them

Custom Ink is a major player in the t-shirt printing industry that outsources printing to multiple vendors. While outsourcing may seem like a good solution, it comes with significant drawbacks that affect the quality of the product. Below are reasons why you should avoid companies that outsource their printing.

Inconsistent Quality

One of the biggest issues with outsourcing printing to multiple vendors is the inconsistency in the quality of the final product. Custom Ink has to rely on multiple vendors to fulfill orders, which can lead to differences in print quality and color accuracy. This can result in dissatisfied clients and lost business.

Charm City’s approach has been to do all work in house.  This gives us full control over the end product.  Your orders are handled by a staff that has a strong interest in design and printing.  All orders are approved by multiple people to ensure quality and accuracy.

Communication and Coordination

Communication and coordination with vendors can be difficult, which can result in delays and errors. Custom Ink has to manage relationships with multiple vendors, which can be a time-consuming process. Additionally, communication can break down, leading to missed deadlines and lost business.

Here at Charm City your calls and emails will most likely be answered by one of the owners.  We believe in working direct with our customers to give you the best experience possible.  Also once we’ve committed to a date, we ensure your date is hit!  If we have to stay late, we’ll stay late.  If we have to work weekends, we’ll work weekends.  We’ve been open for 15 years and have yet to miss a hard deadline.


While outsourcing printing may seem like a cost-effective solution, it can actually end up being more expensive in the long run. You have to pay for additional costs associated with outsourcing, such as shipping and handling, printer costs, ink costs, which can all be hidden in your final total. Additionally, outsourcing printing can result in longer turnaround times, which can lead to missed deadlines and lost business.

To manage costs associated with outsourcing printing, Charm City doesn’t outsource your printed orders!  We’re able to help you save money by doing all work in house.  Our pricing is typically less than Custom Ink and competitors and you can be sure the quality is superior.

Loss of Control

Outsourcing printing can also result in a loss of control over the printing process. Custom Ink has to rely on multiple vendors to fulfill orders, which means they don’t have as much control over the final product as they would if they were doing the printing in-house. This can lead to frustration for clients who may have specific requests or demands.

We have full control over your order and we’ll tell you exactly what can and can’t be done.  Before each order is produced you’ll receive a detailed proof which ensures your with us each step of the way.  Production is overseen by the owners on a daily basis.  We are in and out of production to ensure everything is printing and looking great!

Lack of Flexibility

Outsourcing printing can also limit your company’s flexibility. Custom Ink has to rely on the capabilities of the vendors they work with, which means they may not be able to offer certain products,  services or deadlines. This can lead to lost business or dissatisfaction among clients who are looking for specific products or services.

To increase our company’s flexibility, Charm City offers a variety of custom inks.  We have a zillion Pms colors along with specialty inks.  We have the ability to mimic metals or even glow in the dark inks.  If you have an extreme deadline, chances are we can make it happen.


Charm City’s in house printing is superior to competitors like Custom Ink who choose to outsource your orders.  We’re able to offer better customer service, more aggressive pricing and higher quality printing.  We appreciate all your support and we would love to be your reliable, local, in house print shop.


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“A great local business! Sent these guys a proof of the design I wanted to do and their prices and customer service along the way was nothing short of incredible. If you need to have shirts customized this is the company you should call!”

-Joe Laque