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Shirts through the Years

Shirts through the Years

Introduction to Printing T-Shirts

I started in this industry 25 years ago working for my brother. I was with him on and off for about six years. As our paths began to diverge I decided to go out on my own in 2008. I really enjoyed the business as it encompasses technology, artwork, and producing products that customers are excited to receive.  I look at this industry as more of my sandbox to play around in, and feel very fortunate to make a living doing something I enjoy.

Beginning the Business

Starting a business in 2008 during the housing crash was obviously not an ideal time. I didn’t have much money saved and banks weren’t lending. Fortunately my business partner and I found a leasing company that was willing to give us equipment with a high rate. We got our first press and built up from there.

The problem with screen printing is it’s easy to get into. There are a zillion shops to choose from and most won’t be here in the next five years. What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and meeting deadlines. Due to this, word of mouth has been one of our greatest assets. Locally, people know they can rely on us and that has paid off immensely. On top of this I’m confident in our product. I routinely direct people to our Instagram page and ask them to compare us with other businesses they are considering working with.

Down the Road

Through the years we’ve expanded and are no longer just a local company. We’ve grown into a business that caters to National Companies and International entertainers. The orders become larger but our unwavering commitment to quality and deadlines persist.

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Current Favorite Shirts

3001CVC Bella Canvas – A reliable blended shirt available in a ton of colors.

SS4500 Independent Hoodie – A great hoodie that won’t break the bank.  Independent is our go to for quality hoodies

Eddie Bauer – Great selection of items for this time of year.  Check out their offering


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Recent Review

“Excellent customer service working with original designs and questions related to specific needs for our theatre cast/crew shirts; quick turn-around, and love the early hours, which makes it easy for pick-up. Will continue to use for future shows!”

-Joy Johnson


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